Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fluminense Football Club (Portuguese pronunciation: [flumiˈnẽsi]) is a sports club based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Founded in the beginning of the 20th century as a single-sport institution, Fluminense is today an umbrella organization for several teams in more than 16 different sport activities.The most popular endeavor of Fluminense, however, continues to be football.This article concerns itself with Fluminense solely as a professional football club.
The Tricolor was the first successful organization in the state of Rio de Janeiro established specifically for football, and has been the inspiration for several other clubs in Brazil and in other countries. It adopted the colors ofmaroon, green and white.
In the 1920s the club was considered an "entity of federal public utility" by Decree nº 5044 with date of October 28, 1926, published by the Diário Oficial da União (Brazilian government's official gazette) on November 10, 1926, after having won their first international competition (the Vulcain Cup) in 1928.
Fluminense Football Club has contributed the fifth most players to the Brazil national team. The Rio de Janeiro government decreed November 12 "Fluminense Football Club Day" by law (nº 5094) on September 27, 2007. With the largest number of Campeonato Carioca titles in the 20th century (28), the club is known as the "champion of the century"